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حسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant futureحسام السعيد has a brilliant future


تيو Business Development

In the field of trade , the region specialized in the area of ​​business development comprises a number of techniques and responsibilities which aim to gain new customers and penetrating existing markets . The techniques used include:

Assessment of marketing opportunities and target markets
Intelligence gathering on customers and competitors
Generating leads for possible sales
Counseling and drafting and enforcement on policies and sales operations
Follow-up sales activity
A formal proposal or presentation management and writing
Rehearsals announcement and presentation
Designing a business model

Business development including the assessment of the business and then realize its full potential , using such tools as :

Information management (and sometimes confuse with knowledge management )
Customer Service

Sound organization aiming to withstand competitors never does not stop the development of business , but participate in it as an ongoing process.

Successful business development often requires a multidisciplinary approach beyond just " a sale to the customer ." Some Alkhbraalascharien [ who? ] Recommend much detailed strategy for the growth of the business in ways undesirable , which is possible that we include the skills of financial, legal and advertising . business development practitioners can not limit their activities to simple templates applicable to all or even most cases that face companies through the real world . Creativity in the face of new challenges and unexpected may help to sustainable growth .

Business development roles may be by one of these two situations :

Sales heading for ( the face of the client ) ; or
And executive function to support sales.

In a sales role , business development could focus on developing strategic relationships or stream focuses on general sales . This can be seen from the analysis of descriptions of the various functions of existing valuable search engines for a job, especially in the United Kingdom . In the United States , the term " arrested management " seems an alternative or as a function of the title role , are typically used when describing the development as a function of the business executive to support the sales function for the company . Association Management Professionals proposal has produced a " life-cycle management of capture ," which describes the process in three stages and wide:

Pre- Tender
Stage bidding
Post- auction

Companies from small to medium-sized businesses often did not establish procedures for business development , rather than relying on their contacts exist . Or people in such companies could assume that because they know people in high places and that this will solve any problems for the development of the business in a manner or another new financial transactions would come to them . Can such thinking to have significant ramifications if one can not exploit those relationships , which often [citation needed ] is still a personal or weak . Such a situation could result in the absence of any new sales in the pipeline.

Professionals Ttoiraloamal much they had in the earlier experience in financial services or investment banking or management consulting , although many find their way to this area by climbing the corporate ladder in functions such as operations management or sales. A set of skills and experiences to the development of business specialists usually consist of a mixture of the following (according to the requirements of the work ) :

Management or administration proposal arrest
Sales experience

Indicates " pipeline " to the flow of any potential clients that the company began development . business development Forum set for each potential customer in the pipeline chance to succeed percent , with sales expected - sizes attached. Planners can use the weighted average of all potential customers in the pipeline to the owners of the project to manage the new activity when completed . Companies usually support pipelines with some kind of customer relationship management (CRM) customer relationship management tool - a database, either on the Internet ( such as software as a service salesforce.com ) , or in a home system . Sometimes business development specialists manage and analyze the data to produce Mbaatadarh information (MI). Such as management information (MI) can include :

The reasons for the gains / losses
Provide opportunities in the relationship in relation to the sale
Higher performance for sales people / sales channels
Sales of services / products

Alkberh for companies and well-established , especially in the field of technology - related industries , the term " business development " often refers to the creation and management of strategic relationships and alliances with other , third party companies . Companies can in these situations influence their influence on all of them in terms of experience or technologies or other intellectual property to expand their capacity to identify and research and analysis and presentation to new business in the market , new products, business development focusing on the implementation of the business plan strategy through equity finance financial , gain / filtering technologies, products and companies , in addition to the establishment of strategic partnerships where appropriate .

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Business Development business development

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