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تيو Exchanges that deal on a margin

Exchanges that deal on a margin
There are a large number of goods from possible traded on a margin, as they buy and sell these goods in international stock allocated to them according to their kind.
The most important of these commodities:

Equity - Stocks
Goods - Commodities
Currency - Currencies

And we'll talk about each of them in some detail.

Stock markets
- Stock market:

It is the most famous and most markets forward. The stock markets are simply exchanges in which they are buying and selling stocks. The process is done mainly that you open an account with a brokerage firm (brokerage), then you select the company's share on the basis of what you expect the stock price will rise after a period of time, whereupon the application of the brokerage firm that buys you a certain number of shares of this company. And then wait to be a rise in shares of this company already sells what you have of the shares and thus get a profit.

Be followed up shares of companies in the stock allocated to it, if the company wishes to buy shares is an American company listed on the New York Stock Vstracb price of this company in New York Stock Exchange, although the company would like to buy shares is a local company in your country Vstracb price of the shares of these company Exchange your country local - Cairo or Amman Stock Exchange or Kuwait, for example - and so on.

Of course, are the high and low price of the company's shares, according to the performance of this company, if the company's performance well will want a lot of people to buy their shares and thus will increase the price, and if performance is weak, will want a lot of people to sell shares of this company - to get rid of them - and thus reduce the price of the shares of this company.

In order to achieve profit in trading the stock market Task very clear: They should look for a company expects in the near future - or remote - that stock prices will rise whereupon buy now and wait for some time if your prospect right would rise stock prices of this company actually, then it will sell what you have purchased of the shares at a higher price and thus achieves a profit.

As to how you can expect that the price of shares of a company will rise or not? This is the crux ..!

This prediction process need to be carefully examined for a lot of things are difficult to talk about it here, and this is analysis of the company's performance and the performance of the state economy followed by this company and a lot of other things. What concerns us here that he learned that trading stocks can be the traditional road, so to pay the full value of the shares and thus virtually owned then sell them at the right time.

He also stocks can be traded on a margin that pay a certain portion of their value to possess it temporarily, as happened with you in the car the previous example (see the lesson titled: Back to some of the concepts).

We would be interested to learn that the majority of traders dealing equities traditional system and not on a margin because trading stocks on a margin characterized in some cases complex and different rules and regulations depending on each country.
If there is a modern way of equity trading system called CFD margin shorthand for inter contract for difference, a way has become widespread in the recent period is characterized by simplicity.

What we are interested to learn now that trading stocks on a margin as possible, although not very common.

Commodity markets -
It markets (exchanges) in which they are buying and selling commodities, of these commodities:

Food: wheat, corn, soybeans, barley ... etc..
Energy resources: crude oil, heating oil, natural gas ... etc..
Industrial minerals: iron, copper, chromium, aluminum ... etc..
Precious metals: gold, silver, platinum ... etc..

For each type of goods the previous market their own, are trading commodities on a margin so that choose to imagine that the price of a commodity will rise in the near future, whereupon purchased to sell after the price rises and actually retain the full profit for you.

These goods are sold in the form of fixed units as we mentioned earlier each commodity unit of its own, for example, unit of gold equivalent to approximately 16 kg each unit called Lotte lot. When you buy a "lot" of gold so you buy 16 kilograms of gold at a price, hoping to sell later at a higher price, will pay a small percentage of the price of gold this amount of margin the user to be booked in your name exactly as mentioned in the example of cars.

Will then after that there has been 16 kilograms of gold is reserved in your name .. will follow up gold prices in the stock market international gold when you find that the price has become high will order the company you are dealing with that sells croaker that your name at the current price the company will command execution and deducted the value of Lotte gold It adds to your account after the rest as profit margin that you re-user.

But if he has become the price of gold down more than the price at which you bought it Lott gold meaning it may order the company to sell croaker reserved in your name price low where they will be compensated the price differential of the discount from your existing account has, of course, you will have the freedom to wait Perhaps the price is due to rise to no more than the difference between the purchase price for the lot of gold and the current price for the amount in the margin available to you as we mentioned, and cause you to sell at a loss is the fear of a further decline in the price and therefore the fear of the expansion of the loss.

Applies to gold what applies to the jealousy of the goods, though each commodity bourse own, there is a stock of crude oil and there is a stock of iron .. etc..

Different influences that affect the price of every commodity on the unit, for example, the price of crude oil is affected by the political changes in the areas of production and international politics The price of wheat, for example, is affected by the weather conditions and the potential for production in the major exporters of wheat and so on ..

It can not be a person that works with all kinds of goods, but to be a specialization in the field of trading is limited because the study of the movement of a commodity and therefore knowledge of the possibility to decrease or increase the price of a commodity you need a lot of study and follow-up and experience in the market for this item.

Commodity markets are trading mostly on a margin, but in a special way called derivatives derivatives (forward sales and options futures options) It is difficult to explain the way here and is outside the scope of this book.
What is important to know is that there are plenty of goods can be traded on a margin completely Kaloslob that we talked about in the car example.

Currency markets
- Currency market:
It is the largest stock exchanges in the world at all ..!

Where is the buying and selling of one country's currency for the payment of another country's currency. For example, where to buy the dollar to pay the single European currency (euro), or vice versa buy any euro-dollar pay interview. Or buy the dollar to pay the Japanese yen, or vice versa. Or buy the dollar to pay pound sterling, or vice versa.
Or buy the dollar to pay the Swiss franc interview, or vice versa. Or buy any currency, and pay for it with another currency as the price.

The profit is obtained by exploiting minor differences between the prices of currencies, a simple difference in most of the time but can be transformed into huge profits when they are buying and selling large amounts of money.

If you need large sums of money to take advantage of this market .. is not it?
Do not .. well ..!

Thanks to margin trading system will be able to buy and sell very large amounts of currencies against the payment of a fraction of which the user margin and profit will retain full you like you own these large sums of money actually. Provides currency trading opportunity does not compensate for the enormous profits very quickly and can not be obtained in any other area of ​​investment.

The system is characterized by a marginal trading currencies from other trading a lot of advantages that fit the ordinary man with limited resources and limited expertise in the economic sphere.

For these reasons and others, we devote the rest of this book is to let you know the foundations of entry in this field is very exciting and lucrative that the best person to deal with it, we'll talk in detail about everything you need to become a trader in speculation on the prices of international currencies.

This may be the moment is a defining moment in your career ..!
Before moving so we will continue to talk in detail about the types of exchanges and the way to get profits from trading in general, which helps you to understand the subject more easily and accurately.

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Exchanges that deal on a margin exchanges

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